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Political Solutions Forum

Stop complaining. Offer a solution.

Political Solutions Forum
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Welcome to Political Solutions! While pltcl_solutions is a forum to discuss political issues like many others, it has one difference:

For any issue, problem, or controversy in today's society that you wish to bring up and post on, you MUST offer a proposed solution to that problem. The solution need not be well thought out or more than the kernel of an idea but it must be a serious solution that you feel has a chance of succeeding, even if the odds are greatly stacked against it.

After the initial post, the forum is open for discussion, criticism, and any comments on the problem or proposed solution.

If you do not have a solution in mind, a question asking for a solution to a particular problem is also quite appropriate. Also encouraged are links to resources related to politics, history, and economics.

1. NO advertising other communities unless they deal with appropriately related topics, such as politics, political events, law, history, ethics, etc.
2. Comments must be enabled on posts, this is a discussion community, and without comments, there is no discussion.
3. Long posts, multiple pictures, or large pictures must be placed behind an LJ-Cut.
4. Keep it civil. Ad hominem attacks and personal attacks will not be tolerated. The initial instigator will be warned, and, if the behavior continues, banned.

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